How many treatments will be needed?

It is quite difficult to make general predictions.
I usually intend to keep the number of treatments as low as possible.
The main factors that influence the frequency of treatment are:

1. How long the imbalance has been in place.
For example, sciatica that has been a problem for 10 years may take more appointments than sciatica which has only been giving pain for 2 weeks.

2. The age of the person.
Sometimes more appointments may be needed for an older person, particularly if they are taking many different types of medication.

3. The level of physical exercise.
Often acupuncture works more quickly on people who take regular exercise.
Conversely people who decline to take advice to rest from exercise, sometimes find acupuncture is less effective, because their joints need time to recover.

4. What type of illness it is.

Problems with pain in joints may be easier to resolve than internal illnesses. eg knee or ankle pain may take fewer appointments than insomnia or depression.
Stopping smoking treatments usually only require 1 appointment.
Menopausal symptoms can often be controlled by appointments every 2 months for several years.

Usually I suggest that you try three treatments. If there is no improvement after this, it is unlikely that acupuncture will be helpful to you.

There are wide variations between individuals, in terms of their constitutions, medical and occupational histories, and family and home situations, and the stage of their illness. This is why it is so difficult to predict how many treatments will be required.