What do needles look like?

tools of acupuncture


There are basically two types of acupuncture needles used here, Chinese and Japanese.
The Chinese ones have metal handles, the Japanese have coloured plastic handles.
All of them are very fine and solid, not hollow like the ones used to take blood samples.
The colour on the handle indicates the thickness of the needle.
Both are made to a very high standards and quality control is strictly monitored.


But I hate needles!

This is a very common viewpoint and usually assocated with hypodermic needles when we go for injections. With acupuncture they are different. They are so fine that often clients don’t even know that they have already been placed. If you suffer from a fear of needles, this needn’t apply to acupuncture. Don’t let it stand in the way of the benefits you’ll experience by having a treatment.